Once a Limited Edition mummer is sold out, it’s gone forever.
Order your mummers early to avoid disappointment! The following limited editions are still available in stores now.

Kit from Quirpon will be our last mummer, so don’t miss out on this one! With twenty in the series since Ambrose first appeared in 2008 we figure you may be running out of shelf space by now.

If you did miss some of the earlier ones, contact us, we do have access to some, including Ambrose! Email us at mummers@mummerstheword.com to see if we can help.


Kit from Quirpon (2018 )

Most Saturday nights you’ll find Kit down at the Legion playing with his band The Roadside Gardeners, but come the twelve days of Christmas you might not recognize him as he’ll be all rigged up and out jannying with the crowd and ready with a tune to make you want to sing along or get up and have a few scuffs.

Fergus from Ferryland
Gert from Baie Verte

Belle from Belleoram (2017)

Belle is getting on a bit now, but she still loves the mummers. She no doubt has fond memories from when she was younger of listening to Simani who were from her part of the world and did as much as anyone to help revive the tradition of mummering with their Mummers Song. The cat has taken the opportunity to cozy up while Belle takes a spell, but her foot is tapping and we have no doubt she will have a few scuffs before the evening is out.

Unfortunately Belle arrived with a missing "e" - the second "e" in Belleoram in her name written on the base. We are not sure where she lost it, but we would like to apologize to Belleoram and our customers for its absence.

Fergus from Ferryland (2016 )

Meet Fergus. Fergus is from ‘up the Shore’ at Ferryland – the Irish heart of Newfoundland and Labrador. He has brought his bodhrán so he’s ready for a time and he looks like he’s brought the makings of a lunch too. We’re not sure that his unemployment boots go with his girlfriend’s nightie, but then getting rigged up to go mummering was never about fashion sense!

Fergus from Ferryland
Gert from Baie Verte

Gert from Baie Verte (2016)

If anyone knows how to have a fine time mummering it’s Gert!. We are not sure where she got the corset, but it probably wasn’t at her local store! Don’t forget, when the music starts, get up and have a few scuffs yourself.

The Kids and the Dog from Down the Beach (2014)

Mummering is for people of all ages. These kids have dressed up in some of their Dad’s clothes – we hope that he doesn’t find out! – and taken their mutt out with them. The dog looks well behaved, but they have him tied on just in case.

The Kids and the Dog from Down the Beach
Dell from Downtown

Dell from Downtown (2012)

This mummer is named after Dell, the originator of the Mummers the Word mummers series and styled after her own homemade hobby horse. The hobby horse is a traditional character in Mummers plays and processions. They have a head made of wood, usually with hinged jaws that can be made to snap. The head is attached to a stick held by the person acting the horse who is covered by a cloth as a further disguise. They can be pretty scary. Remember to mind out for those teeth!