Name the Next Mummer Contest!

Mummer lovers are invited to send in their suggestions for future mummers. Perhaps your Nan or Poppy went mummering and you would like to remember them this way. Tell us their name, where they came from, what they used to wear and what they would play or have with them when they went mummering. If your suggestion is chosen not only will you have a lasting memory, but a free mummer as well!

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Belle from Belleoram (2017)

Belle was developed from an in-house idea from the staff at Living Rooms. They sell the book, The Mummers Song, by Bud Davidge and illustrated by Ian Wallace, and CD by Bud Davidge and Sim Savory.

Bud and Sim knew each other growing up on the South Coast and first got together to play in 1977 at the Schooner Lounge in Belleoram and formed Simani. The Mummers Song, released in 1984, was a major factor in the revival of mummering as a Christmas tradition, and so this is our tribute to Simani and everyone else who helps keep the tradition going.

Fergus from Ferryland (2016 )

Fergus was developed from a mix of ideas thanks to Mary W. from St. John’s and a gentleman whose name we have unfortunately mislaid. We are sorry about that because we try to keep all of your suggestions on file for reference. If you are the one that told us about the “unemployment boots” get in touch to claim your prize – we will recognize your name when we see it!

Gert from Baie Verte (2016)

Thanks Andrea!

Gert from Baie Verte was suggested by Andrea from CBS. We are not sure who Gert was modeled after, but it certainly seems like she knows how to have a good time. Keep those Mummer suggestions coming!

Bob from Bell Island

Bob was a well-known miner on Bell Island who loved to go mummering. He was given an accordion for his 59th birthday and taught himself to play. When the mines closed he became part of the Submarine Miners singing group, a group of men who all worked for DOSCO who formed a men's choir under the direction of Mrs. Lorraine Cahill, a local music teacher.

Thanks to his niece Joyce and grand-daughter Jennifer for reminding us about an important part of our history and for remembering Bob.

The Kids and the Dog from Down the Beach

Sheila from St. John’s was the winner of our recent “name our mummer” competition. Her suggestion was Bud and his Buddies from down the Beach. Unfortunately our manufacturer didn’t get the email about the new name and continued to use our ‘working title’, The Kids and the Dog, and this is what you will find written on the base of the numbered Limited Edition figurines. Sorry Shelia, you will still get your prize, but the “official” name will have to be The Kids and the Dog.

The kids have dressed up in some of their Dad’s clothes – we hope that he doesn’t find out! – and taken their mutt out with them to go mummering. The dog looks well-behaved, but they have him tied on just in case.